Partners are organisations that sell Dialer3n1 using our sales materials under the Dialer3n1 brand.The rewards are considerably higher than for an agent, and the partner will be advertised on our website and be provided with their own dedicated demonstration cloud server.
Contact details published on our website.
Demo Dialer3n1 cloud server provided.
Set your own prices, and bundle with your other services, e.g. termination or hosting
Pre-sales support provided to the customer as required
You provide training and first line support to your customers.
Dialer3n1Installation and commissioning service included.
Second and third line technical support direct to the customer
Customer pays you.
Exclusivity available on application.
To qualify as a partner, you will need to provide a business plan and strategy on how you intend to approach your market, as well as sign a partner contract.Please contact us for more details on how to become a Dialer3n1 Partner.

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